Knox Multiple Birth Association

Your local self-help group for families with twins, triplets and more...!!!


Double-shots Coffee Mornings

Coffee mornings are held each Wednesday for parents of multiples from birth to school age. The first coffee morning of each month has a particular focus on our new parents of babies from birth to two years. It's a chance for new mums and dads to get out of the house and get support from other members while our little ones play, and we get to drink a hot coffee!


The Knox MBA playgroup caters for multiples and their siblings who attend a session a week in the care of an experienced playgroup leader and their assistant(s). Developmentally appropriate play and learning activities are provided while parents get some well-deserved time to themselves! We think our playgroup is fantastic value for money, the kids love it, and that time to ourselves is invaluable! There are also some places available for singletons children, however places are limited so please contact us for availability.

Family Fun Days

This is an opportunity for families to meet and socialise outside of our normal coffee mornings. Activities can include picnics, camping trips, Easter Egg hunts, and school holiday activities.

Fruit Basket

New parents of multiples are offered a support person who will bring around a basket of fruit and make time for any questions you may have about being parents of twins or more.

Antinatal Sessions

Experienced parents of multiples run these information sessions which expectant parents are invited to attend. At these gatherings, the Australian Multiple Birth Association video is shown and there are many opportunities to ask questions, seek information, as well as socialise. 

Girls / Guys Nights Out

Every now and then we have a girls or guys night out which is a great chance to socialise and forget about being "mum" or "dad" for the evening!

Support / Buddy Program

In addition to offering support for parents of newborn multiples, KMBA are now offering a Buddy program to all new members. The idea of a Buddy is that we will pair parents of similar age children or similar locations together giving the new member someone to talk to within the club. It is up to the Buddy’s as to whether they choose to contact one another or not.

Breast Pump Hire

KMBA has a Medela Symphony Hospital Grade Pump. The purchase of a New Hospital Grade Breast Pump has been supported by a grant from the Knox Council Community Development Fund. This service operates on a first in first served basis.

School-aged Multiples

An annual school-aged multiple information session is offered to families.


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